HOLIDAY: Christmas

favorite christmas ornament
Reasons why i love christmas.

One of the best things about Christmas is having my family around me, without being busy a couple of   days. Being together, eating, talking or taking a walk :) i just love being around everybody. Especially Christmas Eve, after we had dinner and after my grandparents went home.... Just the four of us (Mom, Dad, Brother and Me) all snuggled up in the living room watching a movie together :) I loooove it! 

When it comes to Christmas i'm all about sticking to traditions :) One of my and my girls favorite traditions is our annual Christmas Ladies Brunch at my house. I just love cooking and baking for them, decorating the table and hosting this beautiful tiny event for all my besties! I love creating goody bags and putting a candy cane on their plate :) It truly makes me happy :)

I have some other nice christmas traditions, i like to share with you: Christmas baking, getting new PJ's on Christmas Eve,  decorating the house, tree decoration!, christmas dinner!
I love baking, and i really go all out when it comes to christmas baking.  My favorite treat this year have to be my homemade gingerbread snowflakes. They are sooo good. Yummy :)
Every year on Christmas Eve my mom gets me and my brother a new pair of PJ's and i love wearing them.

As soon as the Christmas season officially starts, i start decorating :) I always take a saturday afternoon to make christmas wreaths for my loved ones and one for myself :) This year i made the beautiful silver, purple and pink wreath to go with my bedroom colors :)
Since i was little my dad and i always decorated the tree together. Before we start decorating the tree, we go out an buy the prettiest real tree that sell. And think about a decoration theme we want to go for. This year we went for gold/red themed tree. ( The picture above is one of my fav. vintage ornaments we own. We have a bunch of these and similar ones. I adore them!)

I'm not gonna lie, i really enjoy receiving gifts :) but not as much as i adore giving gifts! 
There's truly nothing better than giving gifts and the process behind it! I love taking the time to think about great and unique ways to make my loved ones happy. Walking through the beautiful (but cheesy) decorated malls or fancy boutiques to find the perfect gift for someone. Or even making things myself to surprise someone special. I just love it :) I won't even start talking about christmas gift wrapping! I turn into a perfectionist when it comes to gift wrapping! But the best thing about giving gifts is the moment when you actually give it to someone. Seeing the happy and surprised look on their face is what satifises me most.

Another thing i love about christmas is having an excuse to watch all the cheesy Christmas Movies (i secretly looooove so much) and to listen to as much Christmas Music as i want :) This years holiday playlist is basically a mix of Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift and Glee. And i love it. I know every song my heart and i blast around my house and car :D

Why do you like/love christmas? What's your favorite thing about it?

my cute doggie  Lizzy and moi
Happy holidays and lots of love,


  1. thank u for the comment, merry xmas, would love u to come back and follow my blog if u like it?

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments. Your blog is lovely! Merry Christmas! x

  3. It's just the most wonderful time!

  4. cute blog! all of your reasons are my reasons too! and your dog is adorable!

  5. great blog! perhaps we could follow each other. :)

  6. i love that ornament too, looks like it has an old story behind it !

  7. the ornament looks wonderful. merry christmas! x

  8. Merry Christmas!!! When i readed this post i felt that i wrote it :) Thanks! it's wonderful we share the same thoughts :) thanks for stopping by my blog and YES i will follow you. You have an amazing place and for me will be pleasure to check it everyday :)

    pls. follow me back if you like my blog too :)

  9. These are the reasons I love Christmas as well!

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