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Hey everyone,

hopefully you already bought all the christmas present ( i didn't... still on the hunt for something great for my brother). Enjoy the Prechristmas days, don't let them be too hectic :)
So i while back i discovered a beautiful (free) app called instagram which makes my iPhone even more beautiful :) I really love taking some random snapshots, showing you little glimpses of my life :) You can add all those pretty effects to turn your pictures into really interesting fun photographs! I just love it. Actually it's beyond love... It's an OBSESSION :) If you haven't already downloaded this app, i highly recommend getting it super fast. It's amazing :)

Enjoy your holidays, Marie

ps:  my instagram username: sparksandsequins FOLLOW ME!

picture description
  (a beautiful painting my mom made plus fresh roses for my room/ working on my blog/curly hair)
 (homemade gingerbread snowflakes/cuddled up in a cozy vest/ candy on the christmas market)
(christmas candy on my coffee table/ favorite heels/ bunny case)
 (Laduree <3/macarons!!/ moi)
 (in my car/ arm candy/ favorite perfume + matching nails)


  1. The bunny is so cute and I LOVE the parfum by Juicy! If I had an iPhone, I'd totally get the app, cause the photo's are really nice!

  2. Love your instagram photos! Your iPhone case is too cute (:

    Diary of a Short Girl


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