INSTALIFE: What I've been up to lately

With moving and starting law school, i feel like i just started a complete new life. Everything is so different and i still need to get settle in. There's so much to do and sooo much to study. I know i'll be short on words these next weeks so here's a peak into my life!

(1) Curly hair and dark pink lips! It's the perfect lip color for fall (if you're not a red lips kind of girl)
(2) My gorgeous little lion named Tapsie. She's such a sweetheart and cuddle with me all night
(3) Hiking inSwitzerland. Such a beautiful landscape!
(4) My favorite necklace combination! I love the contrast between the dainty monogram and the  chunky chain necklace!
(5) First snow of 2012. In October. Awkward but really pretty!
(6) Another beautiful necklace i own. Looooving gold jewelry! 
(7) My daddy spoiled me with a new gold watch! He's the best!
(8) One of my recent outfits: White blouse, pink knit sweater and a pop of sparkly neon.
(9) Wearing my favorite turquoise/mint H&M blouse
(10) such a beautiful addition to my purse collection: Studded Sued leather chain purse by Zara

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DIY: inexpensive room decor

Hey everyone :)
I'm an official university student now, which means i'm officially on a tight budget :/
I had an amazing super cheap idea to make my dorm room a little prettier :) And a memo board is also very useful! You can pin your schedule or pictures and any other little memory on it. This is the perfect DIY for every craft beginner! You might need a little time but it's really easy and super fun to do!


GEEKY: Typography

I've recently become super interested in Typography and ways to visualize my favorite quotes and sayings!
In one of my last posts i talked about apartment inspiration and showed you some awesome pictures from etsy... After a while i realized i could easily make them myself.

I'm obsessed with this falls Lilly prints, so i choose the flowery print and created those for pictures. I'll print them on high quality paper and frame them! Won't they be perfect for my new room??!? Let me tell you... I AM IN LOVE!

If you want me to make a post on how to make pictures like that in a more detailed way, just let me know!

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MANIMONDAY: Rose Gold Triangle Nails

Hey everyone,

it’s Monday, which means new week, new start and new chances!

And what’s better than starting the new week with a fresh manicure? Freshly manicured nails make me feel like i can achieve everything! It makes me feel strong, fresh and highly motivated!

This time i went with a casual pink polish and added a rose gold glitter accent! No matter if you’re rocking a rose gold watch or some clothing/accessory with rose gold hardware you are totally in style! Rose gold (in any form) is a HUGE trend these days...

So these little eye catching triangles on your nails are the perfect way to go!


DECOR: Apartment Inspiration

For me, the most exciting part of moving is having the perfect excuse to redo my room. Nothings screams "new start" better than some new decor pieces, new bedding and a some new furniture.

(1) Picking the right color theme can be super tricky. In my case i choose a classy navy and white combo. To keep things interesting i added some pink for a pop of color.

(2)Found this center piece throw pillow on Etsy. It's the perfect combination of everything i love. Chevron,flowers, navy and white... plus an extra splash of color.

(3) Another great Etsy find is the little navy and pink art collection! You get all 4 prints for only 45$. It's the perfect way to finish off any room in a second!

(4) I'm obsessed with cute lamps and this one especially! It's super inexpensive and immediately adds class to any room. Who though that this lamp is from ikea and only $29.99?

(5) Throw pillows are essential for the perfect room. I found this one on Etsy as well (i'm a hardcore Etsy shopper, who'd have thought...). The greek print is perfect to add a little preppyness to your bedroom!

(6) I feel like a nice rug can change the entire look of a room. It can make or break it :) This PBteen one  is gorgeous, it totally fits my color theme and looks so classy!

(7) Not a necessity but still super cute!

(8) Flowers are the way to go. I'd prefer real ones but fake flowers are nice too. They just add the finishing touch and just make you happy!

Liking what i picked out? Check out my apartment inspiration pins on pinterest!

Believing is just the beginning,

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LIFE: Moving on and Moving out

After graduating it's time for a new chapter in my life. I'll be moving to one of my favorite spots in Germany to go to university. The lake Constance is by far one of the most magical places in Germany, if you ever get a chance VISIT the area! I'm really excited for everything in my future!

But leaving your family behind, your house, your animals, your friends and being on your own can also be scary....For now, i'm still overwhelmed with all the excitement. I think i'll get sad as soon as i actually leave everyone behind.

I've been on the apartment hunt for two weeks now and let me tell you... it's sooo stressful and frustrating. There're way more students than student apartments....

If you read this blog regularly, you'll be a part of my journey through life and university :)
I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming school year or semester at university.
You'll achieve all your goals if you just believe in yourself.

and don't forget:

Believing is just be beginning,


VACATION: Vienna Photo Diary

These last couple days I've been in Vienna to explore the city and visit the university on my own (all alone!). Met so many amazing people from all over the world and ended up partying with two super sweet  girls, an American and a Canadian. That's why i love staying in hostels from time to time! You can meet the best folks from all every part of the planet there. I really fell in love with the city! One day i might end up living there!


New In

It's monday which means a fresh start of a fresh new week :) And what's better than receiving some nice packagers in order to celebrate the beginning of a new week :)
I ordered these beautiful earrings at one of my favorite online jewelry stores ever. Thanks to a coupon code i got 10€ off my order so i scored a preeeeeetty awesome deal on those dreamcatcher earrings (get them here)! I can't stop talking about their products! You need to order something there, seriously! But be warned... their jewelry is addicting ( i have sooooo many of their pieces and just can't get enough).



Home Decor: My Jewerly

Hey everyone,
please excuse my lack of posts. These last three weeks of vacation have been amazing, i finally got enough time to catch up with friends, go clubbing, enjoy fine food and treat myself with some new pieces....(let's just not talk about the damage i did to my bank account) :). I hope all of you had a great time with your family over Easter.

Here's a little glimpse into my apartment, well just a peak on top of one of my dressers :)
This is just how i store most of my jewelry. I love looking at all those pretty things, because i have made some incredible memories while wearing one of those pieces. 
How do you store your jewelry? I'd love to know! If you already made a blogpost on it, feel free to leave the link in the comment box below!


I love this frog jewelry plate, which i got from my moms friend. It's perfect if you don't enough time to put your recently worn pieces away. It's a perfect place to store your everyday jewelry over night :)

Who would have thought that candle holders can be SO useful in many ways (and not just for holding candles)? The silver ones are by Ikea and are just perfect for holding my bracelets.

A glas bowl is a great way to store and display some of your treasures. I like hanging some of my dangly earrings on it.

I hope you guys liked this little trip to my apartment :) If you have any questions about my jewelry or anything else, just let me know.
Enjoy your weekend, M*


Love of my life.

It's not just an american state. California is so much more to me. 

It's where a part of my family lives. It's where i made so many beautiful memories. It's a place where i feel happy, no matter what. It's my personal paradise. Everytime i'm in a plane one my way to LAX, i get goosebumps. I'm so thankful for everyone i ever met there, all my friends and my family and for all the fun adventures we had.  I can't wait for my next trip back to my city.

I got myself this amazingly stunning tiny tiny necklace :) and i'm never ever gonna take it off again! Isn't it just the CUTEST thing ever?
I was looking for the perfect CA-necklace for the longest time, but most of the state charms i found where too junky or just nor the way i wanted them. This necklace is perfection. It has the perfect tiiiiny size, so you can wear it every day, with every outfit you can imagine aaaaand you can still layer other necklaces because it's not to overwhelming :)
What do you think about it?

To all the CA-ladies out there: Where's your favorite spot in the L.A. area? Next time i'll be in the city we totally have to get some coffee or something together :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day, M*


HOW TO: Messy Bun (2 ways)

Hey everyone,

so here's my take on the messy bun! I have two different ways of wearing it.
One is more laid-back and causal... kinda like my everyday hairstyle. The other one is a little more dramatic, a little higher and a little bigger :) I'd call it the "statement bun". The bigger the better ;)
I love to rock both looks :)
Which one do you prefer? How do you wear your messy bun?
Enjoy the video!


YUMMY: Sushi time

A while back my friends and i made Sushi, which surprisingly turned out to be super fun, quick and easy! And of coarse super duper yummy! I loved it! (just writing about it makes me wanna make some right now!)


My January In Pictures (Instagram Diary)

(1) Perfect start of 2012- celebrating New Years in Paris
(2) spiked arm party 
(3) messy bun
(4) my girls and me
(5) tiny pink raspberry at a fancy café
(6) chinese restaurant
(7) Lovely mirror at my grandmas house
(8) i painted something..
(9) book shelf arrangement


BEAUTY: Weekly Nails

Here're this weeks nails :) if you wanna see a tutorial on any nail design just let me know :)

I started the week with a marine inspired blue/white-striped nail! how cute is the little read heart on each nail! I loooove it!
The other half of the week i wore this gorgeouse purple polish by Sephora by Opi and dipped my nails in some purple glitter. Love me some glitter!


INTERIOR: Where The Magic Happens....(my workspace)

Hey everyone!

Every day i spent quite some time at my desk and after years of rearranging i finally can say that i love my new workspace set up.

It's prefect for studying, working, doing all the paperwork and of coarse blogging :) I love my big desk, the two lamps (one if them is more of a working type of lamp, the other is  "decoration-design-whatever you-wanna-call-it"-type of lamp) :D.
My desk  isn't facing the wall, done that before... didn't really work for myself. It made me feel kinda limited....

I  keep my planner at the right end of my desk and my phones (house phone, iPhone) and a little motivational heart on the left side.
Of coarse there also has to be some kind of decoration :) I keep a little sketching figurine, a silver eiffel tower and some fashion books on my desk.
Being a hardcore student means i don't have time to get up and drink something, so it's important for me to keep a glass and a water bottle on it too (even though the glass is just in the dish washer!) I always keep some apples(or even other healthy yummy things) in a nice fruit bowl somewhere in my room too, just to have something to snack on when i get hungry!

I don't keep that much stuff on my desk, because whenever creativity hits me i want to have enough room to pull my sketching paper out and get started :) and i HATE clutter. I have all my papers, falies and what not neatly organized next to my desk.

Enough talking about my it.... Here is my lovely workspace:

What do you think? Do you like it?
I'd love to see yours too! So post it on your blog and send me the link! Or Tweet me! Or post it in Instagram and send it me :)

have a wonderful day,


CRAVINGS: Jewelry January'12

all items from net-a-porter


MANI-MONDAY: Take Me To Another Galaxy

First of all let me tell you something! I've always been in love with galaxies and nebulas and the beauty of the pictures of them (everybody has some geeky tendencies)

I've been working on sketches for my portfolio the entire day and listening to great music on my macbook. I've collected tons of beautiful galaxy pictures over time, which function as my screensaver :)
"Galaxy Nails" got pretty popular these days, so being inspired by my screensaver, i decided to give it a shot last night.
What do you think? I you want a tutorial on those nails, just let me know!
Stay positive, M*


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