TRAVEL: Paris on New Years Eve.

Hey everyone,

I hope all of you had an awesome start in the new amazing 2012 ;) May all your wishes come true! You'll archive all your goals if you just believe in yourself:)
I've been to Paris over New Years and we had an incredible time:) Paris is such a wonderful city and seeing all those happy party people is really inspiring :) we've been to my favorite spot inPparis for dinner and cocktails: Montmatre! It's a magical place with the cutest little shops, restaurants and bars! Sitting on the stairs in front of the most beautiful church ever(sacre coeur) and listening to talented street musicians, while meeting so many awesome people from all over the world:) Best Thing Ever!!! The weather wasn't really nice, just a typical grey, rainy fall/winter day :) so I didn't take too many pictures... I just wanted to have a good time with my friends:)
Around 11 o'clock we went to la tour Eiffel :) and searched for a nice spot to enjoy the new year :) 0:00am was magical! Seeing the sparkly tour plus all those happy people and the festive atmosphere made this trip special :) And of coarse have a glass of champagne (in plastic cups) :D

How was your start of 2012? Where did you spent it?

Believing is just the beginning,
xoxo M*


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  2. lovely photos. lucky you for spending nye in paris! :) happy new yr!

  3. awesome pics! :)
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  4. Great photo!

    xoxo Chael


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