INTERIOR: Where The Magic Happens....(my workspace)

Hey everyone!

Every day i spent quite some time at my desk and after years of rearranging i finally can say that i love my new workspace set up.

It's prefect for studying, working, doing all the paperwork and of coarse blogging :) I love my big desk, the two lamps (one if them is more of a working type of lamp, the other is  "decoration-design-whatever you-wanna-call-it"-type of lamp) :D.
My desk  isn't facing the wall, done that before... didn't really work for myself. It made me feel kinda limited....

I  keep my planner at the right end of my desk and my phones (house phone, iPhone) and a little motivational heart on the left side.
Of coarse there also has to be some kind of decoration :) I keep a little sketching figurine, a silver eiffel tower and some fashion books on my desk.
Being a hardcore student means i don't have time to get up and drink something, so it's important for me to keep a glass and a water bottle on it too (even though the glass is just in the dish washer!) I always keep some apples(or even other healthy yummy things) in a nice fruit bowl somewhere in my room too, just to have something to snack on when i get hungry!

I don't keep that much stuff on my desk, because whenever creativity hits me i want to have enough room to pull my sketching paper out and get started :) and i HATE clutter. I have all my papers, falies and what not neatly organized next to my desk.

Enough talking about my it.... Here is my lovely workspace:

What do you think? Do you like it?
I'd love to see yours too! So post it on your blog and send me the link! Or Tweet me! Or post it in Instagram and send it me :)

have a wonderful day,


  1. hi there thanks for the comment,would love you to follow my blog if u like it?

  2. i love your workplace :) amazing!

  3. Loving it Marie! How did you like "True Whit" by Whitney Port? I haven't checked it out, but I wasn't all over it when it came out either. Let me know what you think! x

  4. i love it! i would not mind having your work space at all. esp since currently my "work space" is my bed. lol

  5. i have the same 3 books on my desk right now! too funny!


  6. i love the purple wall, your desk is sooooo neat!!! ;) lovely pictures

  7. looks like a really nice space! a good and fabulous workspace makes everything so much easier!


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