YUMMY: Sushi time

A while back my friends and i made Sushi, which surprisingly turned out to be super fun, quick and easy! And of coarse super duper yummy! I loved it! (just writing about it makes me wanna make some right now!)

What you need:

250 g sushi rice (300 ml water).
2 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt

Filling :whatever you like... I chose Salmon and Cucumber. ( If you have no idea, look at amenu at your fav. sushi place or use google)
Nori leave for rolling it all up
Bamboo sushi roller


  1. I want to grab some right now through my screen! haahha... i think i wont try it because i am a bit clumsy at cooking! Really thank you for sharing though! Kisses hun!

  2. I have never tried sushi! Can you believe it? Everyone says it's amazing.. I have to try it at some point!


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