MANIMONDAY: Rose Gold Triangle Nails

Hey everyone,

it’s Monday, which means new week, new start and new chances!

And what’s better than starting the new week with a fresh manicure? Freshly manicured nails make me feel like i can achieve everything! It makes me feel strong, fresh and highly motivated!

This time i went with a casual pink polish and added a rose gold glitter accent! No matter if you’re rocking a rose gold watch or some clothing/accessory with rose gold hardware you are totally in style! Rose gold (in any form) is a HUGE trend these days...

So these little eye catching triangles on your nails are the perfect way to go!


DECOR: Apartment Inspiration

For me, the most exciting part of moving is having the perfect excuse to redo my room. Nothings screams "new start" better than some new decor pieces, new bedding and a some new furniture.

(1) Picking the right color theme can be super tricky. In my case i choose a classy navy and white combo. To keep things interesting i added some pink for a pop of color.

(2)Found this center piece throw pillow on Etsy. It's the perfect combination of everything i love. Chevron,flowers, navy and white... plus an extra splash of color.

(3) Another great Etsy find is the little navy and pink art collection! You get all 4 prints for only 45$. It's the perfect way to finish off any room in a second!

(4) I'm obsessed with cute lamps and this one especially! It's super inexpensive and immediately adds class to any room. Who though that this lamp is from ikea and only $29.99?

(5) Throw pillows are essential for the perfect room. I found this one on Etsy as well (i'm a hardcore Etsy shopper, who'd have thought...). The greek print is perfect to add a little preppyness to your bedroom!

(6) I feel like a nice rug can change the entire look of a room. It can make or break it :) This PBteen one  is gorgeous, it totally fits my color theme and looks so classy!

(7) Not a necessity but still super cute!

(8) Flowers are the way to go. I'd prefer real ones but fake flowers are nice too. They just add the finishing touch and just make you happy!

Liking what i picked out? Check out my apartment inspiration pins on pinterest!

Believing is just the beginning,

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LIFE: Moving on and Moving out

After graduating it's time for a new chapter in my life. I'll be moving to one of my favorite spots in Germany to go to university. The lake Constance is by far one of the most magical places in Germany, if you ever get a chance VISIT the area! I'm really excited for everything in my future!

But leaving your family behind, your house, your animals, your friends and being on your own can also be scary....For now, i'm still overwhelmed with all the excitement. I think i'll get sad as soon as i actually leave everyone behind.

I've been on the apartment hunt for two weeks now and let me tell you... it's sooo stressful and frustrating. There're way more students than student apartments....

If you read this blog regularly, you'll be a part of my journey through life and university :)
I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming school year or semester at university.
You'll achieve all your goals if you just believe in yourself.

and don't forget:

Believing is just be beginning,

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