MANIMONDAY: Rose Gold Triangle Nails

Hey everyone,

it’s Monday, which means new week, new start and new chances!

And what’s better than starting the new week with a fresh manicure? Freshly manicured nails make me feel like i can achieve everything! It makes me feel strong, fresh and highly motivated!

This time i went with a casual pink polish and added a rose gold glitter accent! No matter if you’re rocking a rose gold watch or some clothing/accessory with rose gold hardware you are totally in style! Rose gold (in any form) is a HUGE trend these days...

So these little eye catching triangles on your nails are the perfect way to go!

What you need:

-               your fav. base coat
-               spagetthi strap by Essie
-               rosie lee by Butter
-               painter’s tape
-               your fav. top coat

And here’s how you do it:

Step One
Apply your favorite Base coat to prepare you nail for the colored polish! The Base coat will make your polish last longer and it’ll be easier to remove with nail polish remover later on!

Step Two
Apply two coats of
Essie’s  Spagetthi Strap for an opac pale pink color!

Step Three
Take two pieces of painter’s tape and tape of a triangular shape at the tip of your nail. But be careful! You need to let your nail polish dry completely before adding the tape!

Step Four
Apply Rosie Lee by Butter. You need to apply a couple coats if you want to get an extra glittery nail tip like i did! Don’t forget to let it dry!

Step Five
Remove the tape very carefully!

Step Six
Finish off with your favorite top coat. The top coat will not only add a super glossy finish to your nails, it’ll also prevent the polish from chipping!

I hope you guys like it! Tweet me  a picture if you recreate this mani!

Have an awesome week,

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