LIFE: Moving on and Moving out

After graduating it's time for a new chapter in my life. I'll be moving to one of my favorite spots in Germany to go to university. The lake Constance is by far one of the most magical places in Germany, if you ever get a chance VISIT the area! I'm really excited for everything in my future!

But leaving your family behind, your house, your animals, your friends and being on your own can also be scary....For now, i'm still overwhelmed with all the excitement. I think i'll get sad as soon as i actually leave everyone behind.

I've been on the apartment hunt for two weeks now and let me tell you... it's sooo stressful and frustrating. There're way more students than student apartments....

If you read this blog regularly, you'll be a part of my journey through life and university :)
I wish everyone good luck with the upcoming school year or semester at university.
You'll achieve all your goals if you just believe in yourself.

and don't forget:

Believing is just be beginning,


  1. na dann mal viel Glück! hat bei mir auch mindestens 3 monate gedauert, bis ich ne wohnung hatte, die ich 1. bekommen und 2. ohne maklergebühren gekriegt habe...:D aber wahrscheinlich hast du mittlerweile was ;)
    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne anfangszeit in KN!
    Schöner Blog :)

  2. hey, ich hab deinen gastbeitrag auf tea&twigs gelesen und bin so auf deinen blog gestoßen. ich studier seit dem ws auch in kn lkm und bin schon wieder auf wohnungssuche (naja anderes thema...). auf jeden fall ist dein blog ganz nett:)


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