DIY: inexpensive room decor

Hey everyone :)
I'm an official university student now, which means i'm officially on a tight budget :/
I had an amazing super cheap idea to make my dorm room a little prettier :) And a memo board is also very useful! You can pin your schedule or pictures and any other little memory on it. This is the perfect DIY for every craft beginner! You might need a little time but it's really easy and super fun to do!


GEEKY: Typography

I've recently become super interested in Typography and ways to visualize my favorite quotes and sayings!
In one of my last posts i talked about apartment inspiration and showed you some awesome pictures from etsy... After a while i realized i could easily make them myself.

I'm obsessed with this falls Lilly prints, so i choose the flowery print and created those for pictures. I'll print them on high quality paper and frame them! Won't they be perfect for my new room??!? Let me tell you... I AM IN LOVE!

If you want me to make a post on how to make pictures like that in a more detailed way, just let me know!

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