DIY: inexpensive room decor

Hey everyone :)
I'm an official university student now, which means i'm officially on a tight budget :/
I had an amazing super cheap idea to make my dorm room a little prettier :) And a memo board is also very useful! You can pin your schedule or pictures and any other little memory on it. This is the perfect DIY for every craft beginner! You might need a little time but it's really easy and super fun to do!

What you need:
- hot glue gun
- spray paint
- wine corks (got em for free from my daddy, cause he owns a wine store, just collect them over time or   you can also buy corks in any craft supply store)

Step one:
Lay out your motive. I chose a heart shape for my memo board.

Step two:
Heat up your hot glue gun and glue it together. But be careful not to hurt yourself, it can be VERY hot!

Step three:
Let everything cool down.

Step four:
Spray paint it in your favorite color :) I choose a metallic silver. 

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