VACATION: Vienna Photo Diary

These last couple days I've been in Vienna to explore the city and visit the university on my own (all alone!). Met so many amazing people from all over the world and ended up partying with two super sweet  girls, an American and a Canadian. That's why i love staying in hostels from time to time! You can meet the best folks from all every part of the planet there. I really fell in love with the city! One day i might end up living there!


New In

It's monday which means a fresh start of a fresh new week :) And what's better than receiving some nice packagers in order to celebrate the beginning of a new week :)
I ordered these beautiful earrings at one of my favorite online jewelry stores ever. Thanks to a coupon code i got 10€ off my order so i scored a preeeeeetty awesome deal on those dreamcatcher earrings (get them here)! I can't stop talking about their products! You need to order something there, seriously! But be warned... their jewelry is addicting ( i have sooooo many of their pieces and just can't get enough).

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