Q&A with Marie and Emily!

Happy Sunday! I hope all of you have a wonderful Second Advent! :) Today I wanted to share these 10 Questions & Answers Emily from Life with Emily and I came up with! I love reading those (maybe random facts) about other bloggers, 'cause you can really get to know them. Enjoy! 

Emily is a wonderful blogger and if you a haven't visit her blog already, you should definitely do it NOW :) Here are her answers:

I really hope you liked reading those Q&As! Feel free to answers the questions on your blog too! Just let me know in the comments below, I'd love to read some more facts :)

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CHRISTMAS: Favorite Movies

Let's face it....Nothing's better than watching christmas movies in totally tacky stylish christmas Pj's during the holidays, right? There are certain movies which i will never ever will grow out of and i'm not even ashamed of sharing them!

For me, there are a couple of movies, which belong to Christmas just like a Christmas tree.
Eloise at Christmastime is such a classic, well every Eloise movie is. I ALWAYS watch all of them during the holidays, i'm obsessed with this little pugsessed blonde girl! Eloise at the Plaza is one of my all time favorite movies :)
Maybe it's the german in me, but i just have to watch the Sissi movies during christmas! At least the first one. They always run on TV during the holidays. Who dosen't like a princess dresses and romantic love story?
Should i even get started on Little Lord Fauntleroy? My entire family ends up watching it in Pj's curled up on the couch! I might be the pushy one, who gets everyone together and the guys in my family may pretend that they don't like it, but i think that they secretly love the movie as much as my mom and i do :)
These are the movies i watch during the holidays, but my list with embarrassing cute christmas movies is much much longer. I love watching sweet Christmas love stories to get me into the spirit of Christmas :) I  watched my first Christmas romances mid November to celebrate the holly jolly season ahead of me.

Do you have those guilty pleasure christmas movies? What's your favorite?

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BEAUTY: Favorite Fall Nailpolishes

Here are my favorite colors for this Fall/Winter season.  Essie really knows how to make nail polish. You can never go wrong with a classy deep plum/red or a dark blue, recently i've been falling in love with blue/greyish colors as well.I'm constantly wearing After School Boy Blazer or Bahama Mama, i gotta say those are my all time favorites.  Bahma Mama is my go to color, for any season and any occasion. Every color looks beautiful though and i wish i could still be a 3rd grader rocking a different color on every nail.

What's your favorite color for this season? Do you have a go to color?
Happy Thanksgiving week (to everyone celebrating)

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BEAUTY QUICKIE: Inexpensive Lashes

Today i wanted to share this really quick super cheap beauty tip with you!
 I love a good pair of false lashes for going the extra mile on a special occasion. But fabulous lashes can be pretty expensive....
I was waiting in the check out line at forever21, when i grabbed theses lashes on the go. I'm a total sucker for all the little odds&ends at the check out line and i always find something i may not need but still want in those boxes.
So i grabbed these lashed because I was going to an event that evening and thought i should give them a try! They didn't come with a glue, which wasn't a big deal because i already had a tube of lash glue in my beauty kit and they were pretty easy to apply (I've you never done it before, practice before getting all stressed out on a special occasion!)
I got a lot of complements on them so i thought i'd share! I really loved the way the looked! They were fancy but still natural looking :) My friends even thought they were my real lashes!
If you don't like waiting in line or digging through the entire store to find these babies - don't worry they're also available online

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EVENT: Insyle Men Launch Party

On Thursday night my girls and i went to Heart Restaurant&Bar in Munich for Drinks and Dinner. We all had the truffle risotto! It was soo good!If you're ever in town make sure to try it! After dinner we joined the German Instyle Men Launch Party at the Heart Bar and had a great time.
I was wearing a lacy dress topped with a fur vest and straight hair, which hasn't happened in a while!
I hope all of you have a great (rest) weekend!

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Friday Five: Fancy Finds

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is finally here so let's embrace it with those fabulous finds :)

1.As the holiday season is quickly approaching (It's Thanksgiving next week!!) it's time to pull all your sparkly dresses out of your closet. I found the perfect flats for any holiday festivity! Gold and green are the perfect colors :)
2.I don't think words can express how freakin' much i want need this beautiful bag in my life. Seriously.  Kate Spade just made the perfect bag for me.
3. The Alice&Olivia for Starbucks mug is really cute and it makes even a quick early morning coffee run to Starbucks in sweatpants look fashionable!
4. Why do i already own two super pretty gold watches? Why do i don't have a reason to justify this beauty? Well if you buy the Hunger Stop Watch by Michael Kors you actually do something good by  support the United Nations Food Programm... I guess that counts as a reason, right?
5. The new Naked3 palette hit stores this Wednesday and I've already visited the urban decay three times drooling over the palette... I really don't need more eyeshadows, even though all these colors look sooooo pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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BOOKS: The Perks of Audiobooks

There's nothing better than snuggling up on your couch with a cup of tea and a great book, right? At least if you love reading and lazy days like this girl.
But let's face it... who can actually afford to have lazy days all week long? 
Unfortunately I can't. Most of the time as soon as i enter my apartment after a long day at university/work/etc. I still have stuff to do. The apartment doesn't clean itself or i actually need to cook something from time to time (who likes to live of takeout food anyways?) and sometimes i just want to paint my nails...But I still want to finish a book. I want to do everything preferably all at once.
So a while back I, the Queen of Multitasking, came to the conclusion to actually do all those things at once. The secret, my friends, is to switch out your hardcopy book for an audiobook! While my hands are busy doing dishes etc. my ears are still able to listen and i can dive into a different world while actually getting things done! Over the years i downloaded quite a collection of audiobooks through iTunes, but i gotta say i also really love Audible too.
Audible is an amazon service, where you can get monthly audiobooks for a really low price! I got this 3-Month deal for 4,95€ per month, which means i get 1 audiobook each month! YAY!
Quite recently i also changed from my workout playlist to audible on my iphone (the App is amazing!)  while running. I don't have to focus on a beat and can actually concentrate on my own running rhythm. 
Listening to Audiobooks instead of actually holding a book in your hands comes in pretty handy when you're on the metro. Everybody who has ever been in a metro during rush hour will know how little space, well pretty much none, you will have on the ride. Tons of people are squishing in and there's simple no room to hold a book in your hands, you're lucky enough if you can grab something to stabilize the ride.

The first book i downloaded through Audible was "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver last month and i really enjoyed it! I was moving to Munich and therefore a lot of driving was involved so i listen to it mainly on the drive back and forth to Munich and finished it during a couple of metro rides and running.

It was great book! I'm totally into Disturbia novels with a bit of romance! Definitely wanna read the sequels in the future!

Today i finished "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green
Oh my gosh you guys. I loved it.
It was very sad yet very beautiful...
I enjoyed every second of it and got through it pretty quickly! Insomnia was hitting me pretty hard these last days so i mainly listend to it during my sleepless night. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

What do you prefer? An actual book or an audiobook?
Hope all of you book worms have a great week

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CONFESSION: No reason to stay is a good reason to go #motivationalmonday

I've been debating whether i should talk about this or not. But honestly i have an urge to talk about this. Life isn't always perfect. Sometimes the path we chose to walk in life turns out be wrong. We're all humans, we make wrong decisions, we make mistakes. But that's what makes us grow as a person and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

First of all, let me tell you that I don't like giving up, I don't like it at all. It makes me feel weak and that's something I really don't wanna feel like. But sometimes you just got to learn to let go.
Last year i decided to study law and i really thought it would be the right fit for me. I was so excited to start this new chapter in my life, i didn't listen to any doubts about it. I'm one of those people who follow their guts. It really felt right. I wanted to do it and so i did.

The semester started in October and i liked it. I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it would take me to succeed but i like it. At least i thought so.
As the months moved on and I got used to everything... the doubts started kicking in.  It wasn't really about doubting if i could make it, it was more about if i had made the right choice and it started to feel wrong to me.
And by "the right choice" i mean looking at the bigger picture, i started feeling like studying law and choosing it as a career later on wouldn't make me happy... In fact i was scared that i would make me miserable.
Those were just thoughts, i didn't talk about it, i didn't try to change things... i just went on the way i should and proceeded in law school. I ignored what i was feeling and told myself that it'll get better and i kept trying to convince me that i made the right choice.
It was in the new year, right after christmas break when i was casually skyping with one of my closest friends and i finally told her what has been on my mind for months... I didn't like law school.
Don't get wrong, it's really interesting and i liked learning about all those cases... it just didn't feel right. I remember bursting into tears while talking to her about. it wasn't pretty.
Anyways, even though i told her about my thoughts i still had problems believing myself. I just wasn't ready to quit... You don't just throw it all away. So i stayed in law school, made it through finals and started my second semester.
It was around early May when i came across a quote that really go me thinking.

"No reason to stay is a good reason to go"

It made me realize that i had no reason to stay in law school, it just made me miserable, cause i regretted choosing law. I wasn't passionate about it, i wasn't happy anymore and i stopped drawing... (that had to mean something was wrong with me, 'cause i'm a really creative person and i'm constantly sketching). So finally, after a couple of sleepless nights, i made the decision to quit and i haven't regretted it ever since. I'm so thankful for my parents, who may didn't like my decision to leave law school but supported me anyway.
Looking back i can say that I actually liked law school. I just didn't love it and i think you have to be passionate about the career path you're choosing. I firmly believe that passion and dedication will lead you to success. Leaving law school behind, giving up on it, didn't make me weak- it actually made me stronger as a person and i'm glad i did it. Now i'm living in Munich studying exactly what i love and i couldn't be any happier with my choice.

I'm sorry if i got all personal on you guys, but I wanted to talk about this because it means a lot to me.
It's not just about my decision to quit law school, it's about unlucky decisions and bad conditions in general.
People spent so much time focusing on all the negativity in their lives instead of looking for change and appreciating all the positive things life comes with.
If you wakeup every morning hating your job, quit it. Find something what you actually like to do.
If your relationship just hurts and you don't feel loved, end it. You'll find somebody who'll treat you as special as you are. Life is too short for negative things.

If something doesn't make you happy don't be afraid to let go of it. People shouldn't stick to something just because they are afraid of what life could bring them instead. I'm not saying that changing something big in your life isn't scary and you will probably feel lost for a bit, but i promise you it'll be worth it. So many better and brighter opportunities will come your way as soon as you get rid of all the negative things in your life. Making a wrong decision doesn't make you a bad person. Some of us just need to walk a windy life path with lots of turns and sometimes you even find yourself in a dead end road. So what? Just slow down, turn around and chose a new direction. That's what makes it interesting, that's what life is all about.

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Lazy Sunday Essentials

I love sundays and I really love lounging around and sleeping. I love it a lot.
 My weeks tend to get pretty busy and i always find myself running around between university, studying, drama rehearsals, work and meeting friends. So that's why i like to save sundays just for myself and a relaxed day in bed. Especially now as the days get darker and colder. There's nothing better than being all snuggled up in a warm bed, reading your favorite book (i recently started the Harry Potter Series again... OBSESSED!) and a cup of tea. 
But let's face it, i wouldn't be me if i didn't include some sort of girlieness (is this even a word?) in my lazy sunday. Usually, as the night comes closer i get more girly... I like watching classics (Anything with Miss Hepburn is just fine while giving myself a full on manicure (during the week i'm usually only able to quickly reapply my nail polish).

1. Manicure time! 
2. using my favorite Lip balm as a lip treatment on sundays!
3. Classy Girly movies ( Breakfast at Tiffany's & Funny Face are my favorites)
4. Girly books and/or magazines to flip through
5.TEA! Any Yogi tea flavor is perfect!
6. yummy candles, one of my all year round favorite scent is ginger lilly by Zara Home

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxed weekend!

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One  // two  // three // four

J.Crew does it again... and again... and again. Every time i browse the website(or a store of coarse!)  I instantly fall in love with at least 150 things. I pretty much love everything from J.Crew... And if we would be in some sort of apocalyptical scenario where every clothing store except J.Crew had been shut down and I'd be forced to only shop at J.Crew I wouldn't even mind. That's how obsessed i am.
With Christmas & New Years right around the corner i'm desperately on the hunt for some new sparkles around my neck. I love how fancy yet super chic this crystal necklace is! Looks like the perfect companion for christmas festivities to me! And the bangle... i really wanna refresh my arm parties :) These slippers are to die for, aren't they? I would love to wear them this year to our annual family brunch on Christmas Morning.
With all those pretty new assescoires on my wish list i need  more space to store & display them! What's a better way than doing so on the lovely tray? The turquoise tray would fit in my apartment very very well!

But unfortunately i can't shop this november. At all. I'm currently doing the "non-shopping-november"-challenge with my friend Hannah. 
(So Hannah, if you're reading this! I'm staying strong!)

What's on your current wishlist?

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OUTFIT: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

What i wore: cable knit sweater - h&m // white blouse - Zara // necklace-Primark
Let's face it... Who doesn't love a mean girls? Maybe you don't admit it, but secretly every girl like a good chickflick. Yesterday, on wednesday, i dressed right after one of the movies biggest rules without even realizing it until today.

"On wednesdays we wear pink"

I feel like this outfit pretty much sums up my style. It'd call it classy prep with an girly & edgy twist.
Cable knit sweaters are such a classic, make it pink and it's way more fun but still classy. The edgy part is definitely my statement necklace. If you look close enough you'll realize that the black beads are actually little skulls mixed with pretty crystals, chain link and what would Sparks and Sequins be with out it.. some sparkly pavé elements.
You could also call the "sweater-blouse-necklace"-combination my fall&winter uniform.
Hope you have a wonderful (rest) week!

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MUSIC: Fall Tunes: Cold Nights & Fairy Lights #playlist

As the days get colder and darker i like to snuggle up on my couch wrapped in a comfy blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. There's nothing better than calm, mellow tunes to accompany on a grey day.

You can listen to my playlist on 8tracks or right here on my website: 

I hope you have a wonderful fall time.
xoxo Marie

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HOW TO: CW TV REIGN SIGNATURE HAIR (Royal Curls with Headpiece)

Hey everyone :) Do you guys watch Reign by CWTV?!? Let me tell you... I'm obsessed with the show. I love the setting, the time, the costumes and all the drama! Such a fun show to watch :)
 Aaaaand of coarse i'm obsessed with all of the hairstyles! I can't get enough of all the cute braided updos!
 So naturally i created my own super quick&easy way of feeling like a princess even in my everyday life. These easy curls are so fast to recreate :) 

If you want me to make another, more difficult Reign inspired hairstyle just let me know! I looove them all! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed watching the tutorial! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

xoxo Marie

Ps: always treat yourself like a princess 'cause your specie...each and everyone of you 

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TRAVEL: Northern California Roadtrip

While i was visiting my family in Los Angeles this summer, my sister and i decided to pack her car up and do a little road trip up north to escape LA's oven heat... Well, we didn't go too far. Just to Northern California. To be more specific we ended up in the Monterey area. My American dad is working as a geologist up there so we could spent some nights in his cabin.

These days were incredible. Let me tell you guys! I haven't had such a peaceful  getaway in the longest time! We enjoyed long walks at the beach (dolphins included), hung out with wild seals and otters, had the best fresh sea food for dinner, fed squirrels and laughed so much. Have you ever been at Monertey Bay Aquarium? Iit's beyond beautiful! My favorites were the jellyfish!

I'm not able to see my American family very often (since i'm studying in Germany) so i'm soaking up on every second quality time spent with my american sister.

And sometime pictures really do speak for themselves ... so take a deep breath, lean back and enjoy the pictures aka my favorite memory of this summer.

Monterey is breathtaking, isn't it?!? Haven't had such a great vacation in a while!

xoxo Marie

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TRAVEL: Homebound

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you probably already now for weeks where I'm heading in just two days!!!


I haven't been in LA in two years! Crazy, right?  A couple weeks ago i had one of those hardcore homesick moments, so i picked up the phone and called my American family... of coarse the invited me and an hour later i had already booked my flight online. It was one of the best impulse buys in a long time. And let me tell you... I'M SO EXCITED :) We have so many fun things planned and i'm gonna try vlogging on my trip... So don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel sparksandsequins.

xoxo M

ps: I'm obsessed with the Big Day app. Who doesn't love a good countdown?

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BACK TO SCHOOL: 1 Minute Hairstyles

Hey everyone, it's time for another Back To School Video!!! Today I'm showing you three super duper cute, quick and easy hairstyles for a casual day at school/work or whatever you're about to do. Wanna know the best thing about it? You can actually do these hairstyles in under 1 minute! SOOO perfect for one of those days when you're running late 'cause you hit the snooze button too many times. And let's face it, we all LOVE hitting the snooze button :)

I really hope you have a wonderful school year ahead of you, filled with ton of great memories and good grades! Good Luck!

xoxo Marie


BACK TO SCHOOL: Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone :) It's that time of the year again. Summer is over and it's time to go back to school. Some like it, some hate it but everybody wants to look cute! Today I'm showing you a super duper cute, quick and easy look for a casual day at school. Wanna know the best thing about it? You can actually do this make up in under 5 minutes! SOOO perfect for one of those days when you're running late 'cause you hit the snooze button too many times :)

 xoxo Marie


FASHION: Shop Til You Drop

I've been doing quite some damage to my bank account lately. Brandy Melville, Asos, Free People, Primark and All Saints just get me. All the time.
I also got some super duper cute things from Marley Lilly. If you're a sucker for personalized goods like me you'll love them. Their stuff is addicting, trust me...
I'm gonna show you what i got in two videos :)

Hope you enjoyed the videos! :) Talk to you soon! xoxo M


YOUTUBE: 4th July Manicure

Happy birthday, America!
I hope all my American readers have a beautiful 4th of July! To get you in the right spirit i created a super duper simple manicure! Hope you like it as much as i do! I'm obsessed with this simple yet chic mani!

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