BEAUTY: A Homage to Glitter Manicures

When it comes to nail polish i'm just like a magpie; highly attracted to anything shiny and with a bit of sparkle. Let's face it... this does not only apply to nail polishes... I love basically anything if you add some glitter to it. I named my blog Sparks and Sequins for a reason.

A little bit of glitter can take you a long way. Adding some sparkle to your oh-so-boring manicure is the easiest way to look absolutely fabulous in a second.
I really believe that the perfect manicure is like wearing the right shoe to your outfit! It can make or break it. But let me get this straight: a little bit of glitter will always look good with anything!
A glitter manicure always makes me feel like a princess in my not so royal everyday life.

Here are my favorite Glitter Nailpolishes
1. Last Friday Night by OPI 
This is one of my favorite top coats for any polish with blue and/or green undertones. It just adds the perfect amount of glitter. The glitter pieces aren't chunky at all, so it's very build-able!

2. Night in Vegas by Essence
This is a must have for every Manicurefreak! Words can't describe how much a love this polish. It gives every nail the prettiest slightly pink accent! And it's such a steal!

3. Leading Lady by Essie
Leading Lady is from Essie's last limited Holiday Edition. But so worth digging through the internet! You'll probably still find it on Ebay! This glitter coat is perfect to spice up your classy red nails!

4. It's Bouquet with Me by Sephora by OPI
This was one of my first Sephora purchases ever and it was sooo worth it. I already bough a back up bottle! Purple is my favorite color, therefor this purple multicolor dream has to be one of my all time favorite, right?


  1. The Essie color is my favorite, I love glitter manis!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. OMG! I love it! You did it well!!

    I'm following you now on Bloglovin and GFC! Hope you follow me back :)

  3. I love these colors! They are so cute.


  4. Love these polishes.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest look 'Structured Stripes'.

    Stay beautiful,


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    Thank you.

  5. Great post, i love that black with red version. :)

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  7. Me encantan estos colores!!!


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