NEWS: Out With The Old In With The New

Surprise!!! Sparks and Sequins finally got a make over! I'm so happy that everything finally came together exactly the way i wanted!
If you know my blog for a while now, you probably saw how i tried to work out a super cute layout... And i actully liked what i pulled off, but being a perfectionist i wasn't happy with it!
After admitting to myself that i'm not a geek i decided to get professional help with my blog design!
I had no idea how to find the perfect graphic designer for the job, so i decided to browse etsy.

And there she was! I stumbled upon Chelsea's Etsy shop called bellaluluink and instantly fell in love with her work.
She did an awesome job translating all my wishes and ideas into the perfect blog!!It was great to work with her, she's such a sweetheart!
She's also blogging, so make sure to visit her blog!

Chelsea asked me what kind of background image i wanted for the blog... All i knew was that i should be unique! So i ended up browsing Etsy again for the perfect graphic. Then i found Julie's Shop LollipopLimeGraphics. I told her exactly what i wanted and she made is possible!

Thank you so much Chelsea and Julie for my blog make over! It was great working with two so sweet and talented ladies!

(You can also find them on facebook! Make sure to like Julie and Chelsea)

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  1. Thank you, Marie! Such sweet words!! I had lots of fun and I'm so glad you like how it all turned out!


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