WALLPAPERS: Let Your Life Be A Painting

I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes!  You'll find me browsing the web for new quotes, taking pictures of great lines of books I read, writing lyrics on my phone or pinning inspirational words on my pinterest "quotes" board. You could probably say that my quote obsession isn't healthy, I might even have some OCD issue going on. There's not a day  passing by where I don't read or mark quotes. I can't even describe why I do it all the time or why I love it so much.

Well, speaking as a total addict, I guess it's just the way it makes you feel. Reading a quote you can rely to feels incredible! You can listen to a song that tells your story for hours and it makes you feel homy.
It's just like taking a bath: you glide in... the water surrounds you, calms you down and you feel the warmth.

Desktop Wallpaper | It's super easy to get. Just right click on the image and open in new tab. Drag the image to your desktop to save. Right click and choose Set desktop picture.
I've recently discovered a quote by the Indian philosopher Osho. And it suck with me ever since:

“When I say be creative I don't mean that you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.” - Osho

Since I'm now on Spring Break and my last weeks have been super stressful, I really needed a fresh start. A blank page to begin again. I want to focus on being more creative, living the moment and taking chances. 

Nothing screams new beginning better than a new look! And I'm not just talking about your appearance, I'm also talking about your wallpapers. It's what what you see all the time! Let's be honest who doesn't constantly check the phone.... I reeeally love my new wallpapers, so i decided to share them with you!

 iPhone Wallpaper  | Just save it and send it to your phone. Then set it as your lock screen. Another easy way is to open this website on your cell phone. Click on the image to open. Press and hold on the image, save to camera roll and set it as your lock screen.
Facebook Cover Photo | Same as the desktop wallpaper. Just right click and open image in new tab. Drag image to desktop to save. Upload in Facebook.

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