SWIM: Suit Up!

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Right now i'm sitting all cuddled up in a warm blanket on my couch and it just wont stop raining. I wanna beam myself to an exotic island immediately. I really wanna escape this dark, grey and rainy weather, don't you?

But what would i wear on my dream island (aka Bora Bora)? I'd probably live in a bathing suit and maybe a maxi skirt. One piece bathing suits are everywhere right now. I fell in love with those unique ones on the Tory Burch website ... Originally I was planning on buying a new pair of Revas but then somehow i decided to look through the swimwear.
I really love the unique patterns. Especially the first one. It's soooo adorable.

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FASHION: Rainy Days Uniform


In May it's supposed to be warm, bright and sunny not super cold, grey and rainy. What's going on?!?We should be wearing sundresses not rainboots.
But it is as it is, so we have to make the best out of it! Even though i really want to spent my days in bed, I gotta face the rainy weather at some point eventually... so  I've found myself always leaning towards the same outfit decisions: slouchy shirt dresses, thick leggins, coloful rainboots, a matching purse and a trench to wrap myself in.
My favorite "shirt dress" to wear is actually my daddy's oversized chambray oxford from ages ago. I found this amazing chambray dress online for all of you, who can't borrow your dads oxford :) (I'm actually thinking about getting it too!)

What's your favorite outfit to wear on a rainy day?

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YOUTUBE: What's In My Purse?

Hey everyone,

i hope all of you have a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day to all my Americans!
Today i wanted to show you what i keep in my purse :) I love reading those types of blogpost. Honestly, i could spent hours watching "what's in my purse"-videos on youtube. And here's my take on it! 
Hope you guys like it! If you wanna see more of my videos subscribe to my youtube channel!

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