BEAUTY QUICKIE: Inexpensive Lashes

Today i wanted to share this really quick super cheap beauty tip with you!
 I love a good pair of false lashes for going the extra mile on a special occasion. But fabulous lashes can be pretty expensive....
I was waiting in the check out line at forever21, when i grabbed theses lashes on the go. I'm a total sucker for all the little odds&ends at the check out line and i always find something i may not need but still want in those boxes.
So i grabbed these lashed because I was going to an event that evening and thought i should give them a try! They didn't come with a glue, which wasn't a big deal because i already had a tube of lash glue in my beauty kit and they were pretty easy to apply (I've you never done it before, practice before getting all stressed out on a special occasion!)
I got a lot of complements on them so i thought i'd share! I really loved the way the looked! They were fancy but still natural looking :) My friends even thought they were my real lashes!
If you don't like waiting in line or digging through the entire store to find these babies - don't worry they're also available online

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