BOOKS: The Perks of Audiobooks

There's nothing better than snuggling up on your couch with a cup of tea and a great book, right? At least if you love reading and lazy days like this girl.
But let's face it... who can actually afford to have lazy days all week long? 
Unfortunately I can't. Most of the time as soon as i enter my apartment after a long day at university/work/etc. I still have stuff to do. The apartment doesn't clean itself or i actually need to cook something from time to time (who likes to live of takeout food anyways?) and sometimes i just want to paint my nails...But I still want to finish a book. I want to do everything preferably all at once.
So a while back I, the Queen of Multitasking, came to the conclusion to actually do all those things at once. The secret, my friends, is to switch out your hardcopy book for an audiobook! While my hands are busy doing dishes etc. my ears are still able to listen and i can dive into a different world while actually getting things done! Over the years i downloaded quite a collection of audiobooks through iTunes, but i gotta say i also really love Audible too.
Audible is an amazon service, where you can get monthly audiobooks for a really low price! I got this 3-Month deal for 4,95€ per month, which means i get 1 audiobook each month! YAY!
Quite recently i also changed from my workout playlist to audible on my iphone (the App is amazing!)  while running. I don't have to focus on a beat and can actually concentrate on my own running rhythm. 
Listening to Audiobooks instead of actually holding a book in your hands comes in pretty handy when you're on the metro. Everybody who has ever been in a metro during rush hour will know how little space, well pretty much none, you will have on the ride. Tons of people are squishing in and there's simple no room to hold a book in your hands, you're lucky enough if you can grab something to stabilize the ride.

The first book i downloaded through Audible was "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver last month and i really enjoyed it! I was moving to Munich and therefore a lot of driving was involved so i listen to it mainly on the drive back and forth to Munich and finished it during a couple of metro rides and running.

It was great book! I'm totally into Disturbia novels with a bit of romance! Definitely wanna read the sequels in the future!

Today i finished "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green
Oh my gosh you guys. I loved it.
It was very sad yet very beautiful...
I enjoyed every second of it and got through it pretty quickly! Insomnia was hitting me pretty hard these last days so i mainly listend to it during my sleepless night. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

What do you prefer? An actual book or an audiobook?
Hope all of you book worms have a great week

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