Lazy Sunday Essentials

I love sundays and I really love lounging around and sleeping. I love it a lot.
 My weeks tend to get pretty busy and i always find myself running around between university, studying, drama rehearsals, work and meeting friends. So that's why i like to save sundays just for myself and a relaxed day in bed. Especially now as the days get darker and colder. There's nothing better than being all snuggled up in a warm bed, reading your favorite book (i recently started the Harry Potter Series again... OBSESSED!) and a cup of tea. 
But let's face it, i wouldn't be me if i didn't include some sort of girlieness (is this even a word?) in my lazy sunday. Usually, as the night comes closer i get more girly... I like watching classics (Anything with Miss Hepburn is just fine while giving myself a full on manicure (during the week i'm usually only able to quickly reapply my nail polish).

1. Manicure time! 
2. using my favorite Lip balm as a lip treatment on sundays!
3. Classy Girly movies ( Breakfast at Tiffany's & Funny Face are my favorites)
4. Girly books and/or magazines to flip through
5.TEA! Any Yogi tea flavor is perfect!
6. yummy candles, one of my all year round favorite scent is ginger lilly by Zara Home

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxed weekend!

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  1. Audrey, nail polish, and a cup of tea...sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! XX

  2. I love Audrey Hepburn! Although, Roman Holiday is my favourite! Love that colour polish!


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