TRAVEL: Northern California Roadtrip

While i was visiting my family in Los Angeles this summer, my sister and i decided to pack her car up and do a little road trip up north to escape LA's oven heat... Well, we didn't go too far. Just to Northern California. To be more specific we ended up in the Monterey area. My American dad is working as a geologist up there so we could spent some nights in his cabin.

These days were incredible. Let me tell you guys! I haven't had such a peaceful  getaway in the longest time! We enjoyed long walks at the beach (dolphins included), hung out with wild seals and otters, had the best fresh sea food for dinner, fed squirrels and laughed so much. Have you ever been at Monertey Bay Aquarium? Iit's beyond beautiful! My favorites were the jellyfish!

I'm not able to see my American family very often (since i'm studying in Germany) so i'm soaking up on every second quality time spent with my american sister.

And sometime pictures really do speak for themselves ... so take a deep breath, lean back and enjoy the pictures aka my favorite memory of this summer.

Monterey is breathtaking, isn't it?!? Haven't had such a great vacation in a while!

xoxo Marie

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