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J.Crew does it again... and again... and again. Every time i browse the website(or a store of coarse!)  I instantly fall in love with at least 150 things. I pretty much love everything from J.Crew... And if we would be in some sort of apocalyptical scenario where every clothing store except J.Crew had been shut down and I'd be forced to only shop at J.Crew I wouldn't even mind. That's how obsessed i am.
With Christmas & New Years right around the corner i'm desperately on the hunt for some new sparkles around my neck. I love how fancy yet super chic this crystal necklace is! Looks like the perfect companion for christmas festivities to me! And the bangle... i really wanna refresh my arm parties :) These slippers are to die for, aren't they? I would love to wear them this year to our annual family brunch on Christmas Morning.
With all those pretty new assescoires on my wish list i need  more space to store & display them! What's a better way than doing so on the lovely tray? The turquoise tray would fit in my apartment very very well!

But unfortunately i can't shop this november. At all. I'm currently doing the "non-shopping-november"-challenge with my friend Hannah. 
(So Hannah, if you're reading this! I'm staying strong!)

What's on your current wishlist?

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  1. Such cute items! I adore that lovely plate and also the necklace.


  2. I feel the EXACT same way! Sometimes I feel like I just need to stay off J.Crew's website for a couple of months to let my wallet recover. ;) Love the loafers!



  3. I love those smoking loafers! Seriously all of them are so cute!!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay


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