Q&A with Marie and Emily!

Happy Sunday! I hope all of you have a wonderful Second Advent! :) Today I wanted to share these 10 Questions & Answers Emily from Life with Emily and I came up with! I love reading those (maybe random facts) about other bloggers, 'cause you can really get to know them. Enjoy! 

Emily is a wonderful blogger and if you a haven't visit her blog already, you should definitely do it NOW :) Here are her answers:

I really hope you liked reading those Q&As! Feel free to answers the questions on your blog too! Just let me know in the comments below, I'd love to read some more facts :)

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CHRISTMAS: Favorite Movies

Let's face it....Nothing's better than watching christmas movies in totally tacky stylish christmas Pj's during the holidays, right? There are certain movies which i will never ever will grow out of and i'm not even ashamed of sharing them!

For me, there are a couple of movies, which belong to Christmas just like a Christmas tree.
Eloise at Christmastime is such a classic, well every Eloise movie is. I ALWAYS watch all of them during the holidays, i'm obsessed with this little pugsessed blonde girl! Eloise at the Plaza is one of my all time favorite movies :)
Maybe it's the german in me, but i just have to watch the Sissi movies during christmas! At least the first one. They always run on TV during the holidays. Who dosen't like a princess dresses and romantic love story?
Should i even get started on Little Lord Fauntleroy? My entire family ends up watching it in Pj's curled up on the couch! I might be the pushy one, who gets everyone together and the guys in my family may pretend that they don't like it, but i think that they secretly love the movie as much as my mom and i do :)
These are the movies i watch during the holidays, but my list with embarrassing cute christmas movies is much much longer. I love watching sweet Christmas love stories to get me into the spirit of Christmas :) I  watched my first Christmas romances mid November to celebrate the holly jolly season ahead of me.

Do you have those guilty pleasure christmas movies? What's your favorite?

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