OUTFIT: Lakeside Walk

Today has been one of the most beautiful days in a while...After a long period of grey, cold and snowy days I was really happy to finally see the sun again! Anni, one of my friends, and I went for a walk at the lakeside! We wore a lot of layers and didn't freeze at all, even though it was pretty chilly! After our walk we treated ourself to a piece of cheesecake and a cup of coffee! We had a great girly afternoon!


TV: Academy Awards'13: Red Carpet Gowns

Right now, it's 3:25 am in Germany, I'm chilling in bed with tea and my tv! Gotta watch the Academy Awards! So far i'm really pleased with the winners! Congrats to all those incredible talented people! 

The red carpet showdown is over and honestly i'm a little bit disappointed. There were a lot of beautiful dresses... but i feel like a "wow"-moment was missing.

As far as favorites go i gotta say i loved the golden girl Cathrine! She kind of looked like the award, didn't she?

Miss Cathrine Zeta-Jone killed it in a beautiful gold Zuhair Murad Couture gown. 
I'm really into baroque prints (well basically baroque anything) so the stunning golden details on her dress were my absolute personal highlight.  It suits her skin tone very well and makes an incredible silhouette!

And here are my personal Academy Awards Red Carpet trends.


RECIPE: Best Breakfast Smoothie ever.

During the busy week i am not a morning person at all. I always end up sacrificing my breakfast for 10 minutes more sleep. When it comes to sleeping i make every minute count!

That's why i love smoothies! You can easily prepare them at night, store in the fridge and just grab & go in the morning!
I've been making myself breakfast smoothies for a couple of years now, so you can trust me! I'm a smoothie master!


LIFE: My Insta-life

  |first row|
1. at the premiere of Kokowääh 2
2. casual outfit for a lazy day
3. Froyo treat

 |second row|
1.Lizzie having fun in the snow
2.reading french vogue & eating macarons
3. cute cupcakes from a new cupcake store near my apartment

 |third row|
1.delicious breakfast smoothie
2.purple pjs
3. hazelnut latte & banana oatmeal

 |fourth row|
1.late night study session & tea
2.lunch at Vapiano
3. favorite lipstick

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BEAUTY: A Homage to Glitter Manicures

When it comes to nail polish i'm just like a magpie; highly attracted to anything shiny and with a bit of sparkle. Let's face it... this does not only apply to nail polishes... I love basically anything if you add some glitter to it. I named my blog Sparks and Sequins for a reason.



Cara Delevinge is one of my favorite Victoria's Secret Angels. She's super pretty and seems to be a fun, down to earth kind of girl. I have a huge girl crush on this beautiful blonde with her dark eyebrows !
Have you ever wondered how she does her make up? Have you ever tried to achieve her carefree gorgeous make up look but ended up looking like a hot mess? Then today is your lucky day! Here's my take on showing you how you get her signature make up look:

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