SHOES: Loafer Love

Charles Philip Shanghai // Alexander McQueen // Nicholas Kirkwood // Miu Miu 
I've been drooling over all those pretty (but pretty expensive) loafers for way too long. There's nothing better than slipping in some loafers to dress up a boring pair of jeans and they're SO comfortable! I have quite a collection, but i love every single pair.  Do you have a favorite pair in your shoe closet?

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DECOR: A Girl And Her Dresser

This is my dresser and all the little odds & ends i keep on it. Mostly Memories, Magazines and Make up. I  redecorate and rearrange it all time. How do you style your dresser top and what do you keep on it?

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INTERIOR: The Beautiful Home of Irene & Evan

I recently discoverd a beautiful home story featured on Apartment Theory and fell in LOVE with it. I love the wide color palette and the pattern mix. It's unexpected and beautiful. Just exactly what i love.


BEAUTY: My Skincare

I've been using these products for a while now and i'm insanely happy with the way my skin turned out. This product combination might be my personal skin miracle! I just had to share those products with you!


WALLPAPERS: Let Your Life Be A Painting

I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes!  You'll find me browsing the web for new quotes, taking pictures of great lines of books I read, writing lyrics on my phone or pinning inspirational words on my pinterest "quotes" board. You could probably say that my quote obsession isn't healthy, I might even have some OCD issue going on. There's not a day  passing by where I don't read or mark quotes. I can't even describe why I do it all the time or why I love it so much.

Well, speaking as a total addict, I guess it's just the way it makes you feel. Reading a quote you can rely to feels incredible! You can listen to a song that tells your story for hours and it makes you feel homy.
It's just like taking a bath: you glide in... the water surrounds you, calms you down and you feel the warmth.


My Birthday Wishlist

It's the beginning March which means my birthday will be here soon! Even though i still have 4 more weeks, i still can start a count down, right? The best is reserved for the last day of March :)

NEWS: Out With The Old In With The New

Surprise!!! Sparks and Sequins finally got a make over! I'm so happy that everything finally came together exactly the way i wanted!
If you know my blog for a while now, you probably saw how i tried to work out a super cute layout... And i actully liked what i pulled off, but being a perfectionist i wasn't happy with it!
After admitting to myself that i'm not a geek i decided to get professional help with my blog design!
I had no idea how to find the perfect graphic designer for the job, so i decided to browse etsy.

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